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Mood Lighting: An Installation for everyone

Mood lighting is increasingly popular in domestic use and is renowned for its psychological effects. With it, you can create different atmospheres that can impact the mood as well as the wellbeing of people.

EV Charging Installations: What Are Their Benefits?

EV Charging Installations are becoming increasingly common in the UK. What are their benefits? How can ACD help me get started with EV Chargers in an affordable way?

Important Announcement on EVHS and WCS

Following the government changes, the Workplace Charging Scheme has been extended.

Halogen Light Bulbs Ban in the UK

Halogen Light Bulbs will be banned in the UK and in Europe starting September 2021. They are proven to be bad for the environment. ACD Electrical Services can help you rid your home of Halogen Bulbs.

Automatic Doors: How Do They Work?

Most of us interact with automatic doors in our everyday life without really thinking about it. How do they work? What are their benefits and how can ACD help?

Air Conditioning: What Are the Benefits?

Everyone knows what air conditioning is, or how great it feels to enter a room with AC on during the Summer. But what are the actual advantages of air conditioning and how does it affect us?

Electric Showers: Why Choose Them?

You're looking to get an electric shower fitted but aren't sure if they are right for you? Showers may make or break a room's ambiance. So why choose an electric shower?

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