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Mood lighting is increasingly popular in domestic use and is renowned for its psychological effects. With it, you can create different atmospheres that can impact the mood as well as the wellbeing of people. Indeed, mood lighting can help us sleep better, feel better and even increase our focus.

Mood Lighting: The electrical installation for everyone.

Mood lighting is a great investment for anyone that wishes to create a specific atmosphere, whether it is at home or in the office. But which colour to pick? Without further ado, here is how different mood lighting colours can benefit us:

Blue: Blue is a very calming colour that can be used to portray tranquility, intelligence, wisdom, focus, concentration and serenity. A colour that can give a sense of stability, security, and peace.

Green: Green can represent nature and can represent growth, good luck, fertility, ambition, calmness, health, and harmony.

Yellow: Yellow can be helpful to portray happiness, energy, optimism, enthusiasm, warmth, laughter, and creativity.

Orange: Much like yellow, orange is a very creative colour that can also represent happiness, excitement, energy, stimulation, warmth, wealth, harmony, and sophistication.

Red: Red is a very stimulating and vibrant colour. Red lighting can be used to portray intimacy, romance, love, excitement, passion, comfort, power and courage.

Purple: Often described as the colour of royalty, purple can help reduce mental and emotional stress. The colour can portray luxury, dignity, creativity, mystery, magic, independence, peace, grandeur and nobility.

White: Last but not least, white can represent purity, cleanliness, safety, innocence, simplicity, minimalism, freshness or sterility.

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Picked your colour? Time to get building!

We hope you now have a clearer idea of which colours you can use to create an environment that reflects you and your ideas! Contact us here for domestic mood lighting installation and here for industrial or commercial use. We will help you make your projects a reality!

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