Electric shower Water heater and shower spray in bathroom

You’re looking to get an electric shower fitted but aren’t sure they are right for you? Bathroom renovations can make a huge difference in how your home feels: If you’ve been daydreaming about renovating yours, the shower may make or break the room’s ambiance. So why choose an electric shower?

Electric Showers vs Mixer Showers

Electric Showers:

While they aren’t as common as mixer showers, electric showers remain a popular choice. Using an electric unit to produce hot water, electric showers require no boiler to work. They usually rely on an external switch which turns the temperature on and off. This means that water temperature stays constant regardless of other people using appliances that need water in the house. They often use less water than mixer showers as they take less time to heat.

Mixer Showers:

Much like taps and toilet cisterns, mixer showers draw water directly from the domestic water supply. Easy to install, they are usually straightforward and use a gas boiler to heat the water. However, if they are using a manual mixer shower, the water temperature may be affected and suddenly fluctuate when other people run hot or cold water simultaneously. 

Energy and Water Bills

In the UK, mixer showers are common. The general consensus is that using electricity to heat our water is more costly, however, this may not always be true.

According to energy experts for “This is Money”, If we assume that both shower types are used for the same duration of time, then the electric shower will use less energy to heat the water”.

This is because electric showers usually use less water meaning they require less energy. They also heat the water to the point of use, making them very efficient. On the other hand, mixer showers tend to lose heat through the pipes and cistern after use. 

Every household’s needs are different, but if you choose to have a mixer shower installed, we highly recommend having a thermostatic model in order to better regulate temperature. 

Benefits of Electric Showers

  • You will always have hot water available.
  • Water temperature is not affected by other people running hot water at the same time. This means everyone gets hot water!
  • Only the water used is heated, no wasting energy! 
  • They are easy to install, easy to upgrade, and relatively cheap to replace.
  • Energy-efficient, they can help reduce your bills.
  • Great fit for rental properties.

How Can ACD Help Me?

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