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EV Charging Stations are becoming increasingly common in the UK. Predictions expect the number of new electric vehicle registrations to nearly double in 2021.

EV Charging Installations: What Are Their Benefits?

  • Better for the environment: Studies show that pollution caused by transport has a negative impact on both our health and our environment. Electric vehicles provide a cleaner and healthier alternative for the planet than fossil fuels. This makes EV charging installations  a great way to support the transition to cleaner energy. By installing EV charging points, you are actively participating in making your community greener.
  • EVs have lower maintenance costs: Maintenance costs are overall a lot cheaper for EVs than they are for cars that rely on fossil fuel. Lower costs for transportation and fuel means more financial resources for your community, which in turns helps businesses  thrive. 
  • Staying one step ahead: If you are a business that has invested in EV charging installations, you are effectively supporting and encouraging your workers to switch to electric vehicles. You are also providing customers with a charging point, which your competitors may not have done. 
  • Happy customers stay longer: By giving your customers access to charging points, you encourage them to stay longer. This may in turn mean more conversion for your business. It also increases customer loyalty, which might  increase your revenues. 


  • Putting your business on the map: When you make the decision to have EV chargers installed on your premises, you are increasing your brand’s visibility by appearing on the Zap-Map. The  Zap-Map is “a UK-wide map of charging points and aims to help EV drivers locate and navigate to available charge points.”. This means that if your business appears on it, you increase your potential to draw in new clients. 

How Can ACD Help Me?

ACD can provide you with Electric Car Charging installations at an affordable price. You can learn more about our EV Charging installation services here. For any questions or enquiries, contact us on admin@acdelectrical.com or by calling 01752 202040.